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Untergrund Eisenbahn (Zukunft)

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Untergrund Eisenbahn (Zukunft)
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Standort: Odessa, TX
Erster Auftritt: Fünf Jahre später
Bekannter Anführer: Mr. Bennet
Bekannte Mitglieder: Matt Parkman, Hana Gitelman
verbundene Orte: Primatech Paper Co.

In a potential future, five years after Explosion in NYC, Mr. Bennet has turned the Odessa Primatech Paper Co. facility into the headquarters of an underground railroad. Hana Gitelman assists as his partner at Primatech and Matt Parkman allows them to run the operation without scrutiny from the Federal government.


Fünf Jahre später

In 2011, a boy boy is brought to Mr. Bennet by his mother and father. At Primatech Paper Co., he is tested to see if he is an evolved human. He presses his finger on a small pad that is supposed to turn blue if he is a "normal" human and red if he is an evolved human. The pad turns red, and Hana Gitelman hands his parents a package containing documents identifying them as the "Crane" family. Mr. Bennet gives them a vial that they can use to avoid having him being detected as an evolved human in the future.

Ando and Future Hiro arrive to find help freeing Hiro from Homeland Security. Future Hiro asks for the locations of Molly Walker, Candice Willmer and D.L. Hawkins. Bennet refuses to endanger the people he promised to protect, but seems to change his mind when the two reveal that they know of Claire's survival.

But instead of helping them, Mr. Bennet goes to see Claire at the Burnt Toast Diner and gives her a bag with the information she needs to relocate. Also, he alerts Matt Parkman of their visit.

After Peter Petrelli foils Matt from capturing Future Hiro and Ando, Matt pays a visit to Mr. Bennet at Primatech Paper Co. Mr. Bennet shows Matt a crayon-colored drawing that Matt's son Matthew made--a stick-drawing of Matthew and his mom. Mr. Bennet discusses his arrangement with Matt. As Homeland Security Director, Matt has been allowing Bennet to continue running his operation. In exchange, Bennet tells Matt about people that could pose a threat.

Mr. Bennet finds Hana Gitelman's dead body behind a desk. Matt remarks that Bennet's tip failed to pan out, and since he can't go back empty handed he is ending their arrangement. Matt reads Bennet's mind to find the location of Claire, killing him afterwards. Matt locates Claire at the Burnt Toast Diner and delivers her to President Nathan Petrelli, unknowning that Nathan is really Sylar.

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