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Zweck: Nightclub

Before going on a dangerous mission, Hana goes to the RGS, "New York's finest nightclub."

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Comic:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 1

After receiving a directive from Mr. Bennet to take down a satellite tracking system, Hana goes to New York City. She stops at the RGS for an "end of the world party." While there, Hana dances, does shots, and kisses a patron. She says it is the first time in a long while that she has felt alive.


  • The nightclub was named for RyanGibsonStewart, a Heroes Wiki administrator. When Jason Badower told the fan he wanted to include an Easter Egg as a thank you for helping with some research, Ryan jokingly replied, "Make it green with blue stripes." Jason decided to use the joke as the design basis for the club's placards.
  • In reality there is no RGS nightclub in New York City.
  • Jason Badower decided to launch a dress design contest on his blog and 9thwonders.com. The winning design, created by Vanessa, is the dress worn by Hana. The runners-up were worn by the other women in the nightclub.

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