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Paul E. Sylar

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Paul E. Sylar
Paul Sylar.jpg
Darsteller unbekannt
Erster Auftritt Pilotfolge
Superkräfte keine
Alias Mr. Sylar, Paul Sylar
Wohnort New York, NY

Paul E. Sylar is a person born in 1962, who is found documented in Chandra Suresh's research.

Based on the evolution of the Sylar character, particularly beyond the Pilotfolge, it is evident that Paul E. Sylar was simply an early story-arc that was later abandoned for the current Gabriel Gray arc on Sylar's origin.

Entwicklung des Charakters


Mohinder enters Chandra's apartment and finds a cassette tape bearing the identification "Sylar". Mohinder plays the tape, which contains a conversation between Chandra and Paul E. Sylar.

Mohinder discovers an entry in Chandra's notes with the following name and address:

Paul Sylar
1201 S Main St #314
(212) 555-6191

Mohinder goes to the address and discovers a number of articles about a series of grisly murders. He also finds a closet, the walls of which are covered in scrawled repetitions of the phrase "forgive me father for I have sinned".

Back at his father's apartment, Mohinder meets a figure wearing a dark trench-coat and black hat, and identifies him as "Sylar".


  • It is unclear presently, whether "Paul E. Sylar", "Mr. Sylar", "Gabriel Sylar", "Gabriel Gray", or "Sylar" are all aliases for the same person.
  • In the deleted scene showing Paul E. Sylar, the character is not portrayed by Zachary Quinto. In the Kommentar for the Pilotfolge, Tim Kring said he was portrayed by an extra in a hat because the role was not yet cast. Further, NBC expressed an interest in not having the villainous character make an appearance so early; Tim Kring said he was pleased with the decision to wait to show Sylar.



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