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Mikrobiologisches Labor

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Mikrobiologisches Labor
Microbiology lab.JPG
Ort: Tansania
Zweck: Mikrobiologische Forschung

Dr. Henry Strauss performs research at a microbiology lab in Tansania.

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Comic: Wireless, Part 3

In a covert mission, Hana Gitelman sneaks up to the outer wall of the microbiology lab. Inside, Dr. Henry Strauss is in the process of uploading a formula for creating a biological weapon out of common stomach bacteria. Hana uses her Fähigkeit to listen in on the transmission, copy it, forward it to Mr. Bennet, and block the original from reaching its true destination. Hana is then captured by Dr. Strauss's henchmen while trying to withdraw from her successful mission.


  • The facility has a laboratory capable of DNA analysis. Additionally, the compound uses guards to defend the perimeter, and uses a satellite uplink for communication.
  • The Gefängnis in Tansania in which Hana is placed is most likely on the grounds, though this has not been confirmed.

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