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Laura Lancaster

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Laura Lancaster
Laura Lancaster.jpg
Darstellerin Claudia DiFolco
Stimme Heike Beeck
Erster Auftritt Genesis
Superkräfte Keine
Wohnort Odessa, TX
Tätigkeit Reporterin

Laura Lancaster berichtet von dem Zugunglück.

Entwicklung des Charakters


A television is on in Isaacs Wohnung. After Isaac tells Simone to leave, a news report catches Isaac's attention. The reporter explains that a train crashed under unknown circumstances and was registered to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. She also Erwähnungs a mysterious good Samaritan who rescued a man.

Later, in Odessa, the Bennets have the TV on KFVD 4. Laura Lancaster reports the same story.


In a deleted scene, Laura Lancaster's face is shown in her report.
  • Laura Lancaster reports for KFVD 4. It is unknown to which U.S. locations this channel broadcasts. However, Isaac receives the broadcast in his New York City apartment and the Bennets receive the broadcast in their Odessa home.
  • Prompted by real-life complaints from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission about Lancaster's report, Oliver Grigsby suggested that "maybe the news reporter got it wrong."
  • In a deleted scene from the Tim Kring Cut, Laura Lancaster reports for KTMB.


  • Laura Lancaster is the Name of a real life NBC executive. She is the senior vice president of drama and cable programming, reports to the real life Angela Bromstad, and is credited with the creative supervision of some NBC shows including Tim Kring's Crossing Jordan.

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