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Joe Kelly
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Joe Kelly is a graphic novel writer.


Joe Kelly began writing comics in 1995 when he "graduated" from the Stan-Hattan Project, a writing workshop conducted as a joint venture between Marvel Comics and NYU's Department of Dramatic Writing. He soon thereafter wrote fan favorite Deadpool, and later worked for DC Comics's Action Comics for almost five years. Joe helped found the Man of Action production company along with Duncan Rouleau, Steven T. Seagle, and Joe Casey. Joe Kelly's long list of comic book writing credits include JLA, Steampunk, Daredevil, Space Ghost, Superboy, X-Men, and more than 50 issues of Action Comics. Along with Man of Action, Joe also wrote several episodes of the animated television show Ben 10.

Comics die er geschrieben hat


  • A press release covered by Media Week announced that Joe Kelly along with the rest of the Man of Action team were given the go to write new chapters of the Heroes graphic novels throughout the summer of 2007.

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