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The Heroes Original Soundtrack is a 2008 album with songs featured on and inspired by Heroes. It was released on March 28.


  1. Heroes Title -- Wendy & Lisa
  2. Fire and Regeneration -- Wendy & Lisa
  3. He's Frank -- Brighton Port Authority featuring Iggy Pop
  4. All For Swinging You Around -- The New Pornographers
  5. Glad It's Over -- Wilco
  6. Weightless -- Nada Surf
  7. Nine In The Afternoon -- Panic! At The Disco
  8. Chills -- My Morning Jacket
  9. Natural Selection -- Wendy & Lisa
  10. ABoneCroneDrone 3 -- Sheila Chandra
  11. Not Now But Soon -- Imogen Heap
  12. Jealously Rides With Me -- Death Cab For Cutie
  13. All Things Must Pass -- The Jesus and Mary Chain
  14. Homecoming -- Wendy & Lisa
  15. Man In The Long Black Coat -- Bob Dylan
  16. Maya's Theme -- Yerba Buena
  17. Keeping My Composure -- The Chemical Brothers featuring Spank Rock
  18. Heroes -- David Bowie

Music Videos

Allan Arkush created five music videos based on the songs from the soundtrack.

  1. Weightless (Nada Surf) -- features the power of flight
  2. Not Now But Soon (Imogen Heap) -- features happy moments
  3. Man In The Long Black Coat (Bob Dylan) -- features Sylar
  4. He's Frank (Brighton Port Authority featuring Iggy Pop) -- features various attacks
  5. Keeping My Composure (The Chemical Brothers featuring Spank Rock) -- features action-packed moments


Steven Parke created art for the soundtrack, including portraits of:

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