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Gefängnis von Tansania

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Gefängnis von Tansania
Tanzanian jail.JPG
Ort: Tansania
Zweck: Gefängnis

Hana is briefly interred in a jail cell in Tansania.

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Comic:Wireless, Part 3

After secretly intercepting Henry Strauss's wi-fi satellite signals, Hana is found by Dr. Strauss's guards. She engages the large men in hand-to-hand combat, narrowly escaping a bullet. She is hit on the head, and knocked out. The men take her satellite phone and place the woman in a dirty cell. While alone in the jail, she thinks of the legacy of her grandmother in Auschwitz. Inspired, Hana knocks out the guards and escapes, only to be faced with more obstacles.


  • Though never stated, the jail cell in which Hana stays is probably located within the microbiology lab's compound.


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