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Daphne Millbrook (Enthüllungs-Zukunft)

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Daphne Millbrook
Matt's baby momma.jpg
Darstellerin Brea Grant
Erster Auftritt Tödlicher Hunger
Superkräfte Erhöhte Geschwindigkeit
Wohnort New York City,
früher Paris
Tätigkeit früher Diebin
Kinder Molley Walker (adoptiert),
Daniella Parkman

Daphne Millbrook ist ein weiterentwickelter Mensch aus einer möglichen Zukunft. In dieser Zukunft ist sie die Frau von Matt Parkman und die Adoptivmutter von Molly Walker.

Entwicklung des Charakters

Tödlicher Hunger

Four years into a possible future, Daphne is the wife of Matt Parkman. Together they conceived a daughter, and are the adoptive parents of Molly. Daphne works with Claire and Knox, trying to find and eliminate Peter Petrelli, after already killing the future version of him. Through Molly, they find him in Costa Verde at Sylar's home, formerly the Bennet home. During a brief fight, Daphne is knocked out cold while staring shocked at the accidental death of Noah Gray. When Sylar explodes using his Selbsterzeugte Radioaktivität ability, Daphne tries to outrun the blast and arrives home, fatally wounded with burns covering her back. She dies in Matt Parkman's arms.


At a Pinehearst facility, Daphne and Claire discuss the amount of rogue weiterentwickelte Menschen they've captured in the day. After an explosion occurs, Daphne lamentably states that everyone is dead.

weiterentwickelte Fähigkeit

Future Daphne is shown to use her speed to deliver powerful hits, mainly against Peter. When Peter got in her way, her speed (possibly combined with his) caused them both to crash through a wooden door, which destroyed said door. She managed to use her speed to escape a nuclear explosion and keep on running until she made it home, in New York (all the way from Costa Verde, CA). This shows that she is extremely capable with her ability, considering that she ran across the entire country, which is technically across the width of the entire continent.


"I wasn't fast enough."

-Daphne (zu Matt) (Tödlicher Hunger)

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