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Darstellerin Danica Stewart
Erster Auftritt Strange Attractors
Superkräfte Keine
Alias Nicole
Wohnort Arlington, VA
Wohnsitz Universität Arlington

Ashley ist eine Studentin an der Universität Arlington.

Entwicklung des Charakters

Tabula Rasa

Olivia and Ashley are kidnapped as a team by Rebecca and other sisters of Psi Alpha Chi sorority. They are taken to a slaughterhouse and are informed that if they complete the scavenger hunt, they won't have to participate in further "Hell Week" initiations. Olivia and Ashley fail the first test when Ashley impulsively opens a locker and is sprayed with fake blood.

They later go off on their own and find a significant clue, and choose to share it with the rival team of Claire and Gretchen, once Claire promises to let them get the credit for the win as long as they all go out. They separate again but come to investigate when they hear Claire and Rebecca fight. Ashley and her friend witness Rebecca turn invisible and Claire regenerate a fatal wound.


Ashley and Olivia are shocked after seeing Claire regenerate. Claire covers it up by saying that the water bottles that they were given must have been drugged.

Later, Claire arrives at the sorority house, where Ashley and Olivia are hanging out. Claire asks them if they've seen Becky since she kidnapped them, but Ashley and Olivia have no knowledge of the kidnapping. Claire realizes that they've been wiped by René.

Ashley then accompanies Allison to Becky's room, but find Noah there instead. They ask Noah what he is doing there, and he replies that he's looking for someone who's no longer there.


"Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my --"

"Please, don't say that again."

- Ashley, Claire (Strange Attractors)


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