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Northeast Brauerei Lastwagen

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Northeast Brauerei Lastwagen
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Sylar drives a brewery truck.

Erste Erscheinung: Comic:Road Kill
In Besitz von: Northeast Brauerei
Aktueller Status: Crashed and burned

Sylar steals a brewery truck to go to Virginia Beach.


Comic: Road Kill

While searching for a new outfit in the dumpster, Sylar spots a truck at an Odessa filling station. He uses an assumed name and hitches a ride with the truck driver. When Sylar learns that the truck is heading west before going to north, he gets out of the truck. Sylar then telekinetically levitates some beer bottles from the back of the truck and uses them as a weapon against the unsuspecting trucker. On his own now, Sylar reads the truck's instruction manual and easily remembers the whole thing.

On route to Virginia Beach, Sylar is followed by cop cars and a helicopter, intent on tracking down the missing beer. Sylar opens a door of the truck, and freezes the ground, causing choas behind him. When he approaches a road block, he decides to crash the truck. Using perfect timing, Sylar telekinetically lifts himself into a high tree as the truck careens off a cliff. The truck explodes in flames and Sylar escapes.



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