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Hana Gitelman goes to Missoula, MT and finds open spaces, an isolated lifestyle, and very few emails.

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  • A grocery store

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Comic: Wireless, Part 4

After escaping the U.S. Botschaft in Tansania, Hana finds peace and solitude in the remote city of Missoula, Montana. As "Samantha", she enjoys the fresh air and seems to feel that emails are easier to transceive. She spends her time in Montana gathering intelligence on Mr. Bennet and his whereabouts. She finally comes across an email with a lead on someone who also wants Rache.


  • Missoula is the "Garden City".
  • Missoula is about:
    • 525 miles north of Salt Lake City, UT.
    • 940 miles north of Las Vegas, NV.
    • 1,300 miles north of Santa Fe, NM. (Hana may not be taking the most direct route since she passes a road sign that says Santa Fe is 1,400 miles away.)
  • According to the April 2005 issue of Men's Journal, Missoula is the sixth-best city in the country, and the first-best of cities with populations under 100,000. Additionally, Missoula ranks in fourth place among best adventure towns.


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