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Haus der Canfields

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Haus der Canfields
The Canfields' home.jpg
Ort: Los Feliz, CA
Zweck: Wohnen

Das Haus der Canfields befindet sich in Los Angeles.

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Engel und Monster

After Stephen escapes from Level 5, he takes refuge here, only to discover it has been abandoned. In the first scene, he was talking to Elizabeth's sister, trying to find out her whereabouts. Suddenly, Claire eager to catch villains, tases him. When he comes to. Claire tells him how much of a bad guy he is, when suddenly Stephen sucks Claire's taser away, leaving her defenseless, then her forces her to hear him out. After handing her a Pinehearst card he found, he talks about his life and problem with his ability and Claire begins to empathizes with him as she once felt the same way. Next Noah and Sylar bust in, in an attempt to catch him. Stephen creates a vortex and escapes, leaving Claire, Noah, and Sylar to fight against it. Just as Claire is being sucked in Sylar saves her. The vortex times out and they all get to their feet. After an exchange of words, Claire acting as a disgruntle daughter to her father and then as victim to her killer, they all leave.

Die Sonnenfinsternis, Teil 1

Returning and attempting to keep her out of harms way, Noah takes Claire to the Canfields' home. Once in there Noah begin to train Claire, while they exchange their feelings. Meanwhile Elle and Sylar track her down, by figuring Noah would take her there to hide. The Eclipse arrives, just as a Noah and Claire's training is interrupted by Elle and Sylar's arrival. After a scuffle Elle points a gun towards Noah and fires. Claire, unknowingly without her ability, jumps in front of the bullet and falls. Enraged, Noah knocks out Elle and dislocates Sylar, then leaves with Claire in tow. Later, while Elle and Sylar recover and wonder on their sudden ability loss, Noah watches them though his rifle's aim.

Die Sonnenfinsternis, Teil 2

After sleeping together, Elle and Sylar begin to get shot at from a vengeful Noah. As they hide, he bursts in the door. Noah and Elle begin to have a shoot out, then Sylar pulls her out the back door. Noah clips Elle in her thigh and they flee out to the alley with Noah on their heels.

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