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Hanas Motorrad

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Hanas Motorrad
Hana receives Bennet's email.JPG
Hana rides her hog.

In Besitz von: Hana
Aktueller Status: Temporarily abandoned in Washington, DC

Hana often travels by motorcycle.


Comic:Wireless, Part 4

In Missoula, MT, Hana drives her motorcycle to Dorothy's shop. As soon as she receives Teds E-Mail, she gets on her motorcycle and heads south towards the Wüste von Nevada.

Comic:How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?, Part 1

Hana arrives at Teds Hütte. When she learns that Ted is in trouble, she leaves on her motorcycle.

Comic:The Path of the Righteous

After meeting with Ted and Matt at Karen Spragues Grab in Los Angeles, Hana heads towards a Las Vegas casino.

Comic:Family Man

Hana receives Mr. Bennets E-Mail while traveling on Route 66 on her motorcycle.

Comic:War Buddies, Part 1

Hana travels east on Route 40 towards Le Bar in Georgetown. While on her motorcycle, she investigates people with top secret Pentagon access clearance, and sends a message to Casey Smith.

Comic:War Buddies, Part 6

In her rush to find Linderman, Hana leaves her bike in Washington, DC. She plans to come back and get it later.


  • It is unknown when Hana acquires her motorcycle. However, the first time she is seen with the bike is in Missoula. (Comic:Wireless, Part 4)
  • The bike has been alternately seen with both gray and red trim, depending on who has illustrated the motorcycle.


  • Hana can reach at least 110 miles per hour on the motorcycle. (Comic:Family Man)
  • According to her MySpace page, Hana listens to "some sort of techno station" while riding her motorcycle. She accesses the station via satellite.


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