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Deveaux Galerie

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Deveaux Galerie
Deveaux Gallery.jpg
Ort: New York, NY
Zweck: Kunstgalerie

The Deveaux Gallery is an art gallery in Manhattan run by Simone Deveaux. It features many of Isaac's paintings.

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Das zweite Gesicht

In Isaac's studio, Peter notices that some of Isaacs Gemälde fit together like a comic book story, but with a missing panel. Isaac tells Peter that Simone took a matching piece to her gallery.

Nichts zu verbergen

When asked, Simone tells Peter that Mr. Linderman bought the missing painting. Peter asks Nathan to call Linderman in order to retrieve the painting. Nathan buys the painting from Linderman, who in turn sends the painting to Simone's gallery.

Comic:Isaac's First Time

Eden asks Isaac to remember the first time he painted the future. He recalls the first show of his paintings, organized by Simone. While at the gallery, he is confronted by a woman whom he has painted being hit by a bus. She promptly flees and Isaac chases her. He witnesses a bus hitting her right in front of the gallery, exactly as depicted by the painting.


After Mr. Linderman sends the painting to the gallery, it is taken to Isaac's apartment.


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