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Detective Furakowa

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Detective Furakowa
Darsteller Tadao Tomomatsu
Erster Auftritt Don't Look Back
Superkräfte Keine
Wohnort New York, NY
Tätigkeit Police detective

Detective Furakowa is a Japanese-speaking detective in New York, NY who investigates the murder of Isaac Mendez in the future timeline.

Entwicklung des Charakters

Kein Blick zurück

Hiro Nakamura is questioned after being found in Isaac Mendez's studio with a gun in his hand and Isaac dead on the floor. Hiro is questioned but he cannot understand the NYPD detective (who is questioning him in English). Detective Furakowa is brought in to translate to Japanese.

They ask how he got to New York, and Hiro answers he teleported himself, like Star Trek, that and he can bend the space-time continuum. Disbelieving, they ask when he did this, and Hiro answers "Yesterday". The detectives call Ando at Yamagato Industries, and Hiro tells him he is in New York. Detective Furakowa asks Ando when he last saw Hiro, and Ando he has not seen him in five weeks. Hiro learns is not October 2nd, but now November 8th — he is in the future.

There is a noise outside, and the detectives run to the window. Suddenly, a ball of debris like a nuclear explosion races towards the building. Hiro concentrates, and suddenly he is back on the subway in Tokio, Japan.

Comic: The Crane

From Isaacs Wohnung, Detective Furakowa watches the explosion with Hiro.

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