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Erste Erwähnung: February 19, 2007

corinthianlasvegas.com is the real-life website for the fictional Corinthian Casino, a Las Vegas casino owned by the Linderman-Gruppe in the Heroes 360 ARG.

Heroes Evolutions

The Invitation...

Via Textnachricht

The following text message was sent to Type 2 players:

The Linderman Group wants u 2 b the first 2 knowabout our new website launching soon. Includes a tour of the famous Archive for select individuals

On February 19, the following message was sent to all players regarding the "Corinthian Casino":

The Linderman Group?is pleased 2send U?this exclusive invitation 2 b the 1st 2 re-discover Vegas @ the new Corinthian Casino website www.corinthianlasvegas.com

Via E-Mail

On February 19, ARG players received the following email from the "Corinthian Casino":

From: Corinthian Casino <no-reply@corinthiancasino.com>
Subject: Corinthian Casino

The Linderman Group exclusively invites you to be the first to re-discover Vegas at the new Corinthian Casino website (www.corinthianlasvegas.com).

The Site...

The Corinthian Casino website consist of a Main page, an About page, a Gaming page, an Entertainment page, a Rooms page, a Dining page, a Shops page, and a page for the Titan Club.

The Gaming page features three playable Flash games, and includes a mention of "The Titan Club", with the text, "To join the Titan Club, simply start playing our FREE online games to accrue casino points."

The games all remember users' current winnings when leaving and returning later. A zero score resets them.

Joining the Titan Club...

Achieving a balance of greater than $325,000 on the online games brings up the Titan Club membership form.

Alternately, any of the three "cookies" associated with the games--"pokercash" "BJcash" and "slotscash"--can be manually edited using a cookie editor. When the Content value is set to a sufficient amount, the next visit will trigger the invitation to join.

Lindermans Archive...

On February 23, players who attained membership in the Titan Club and signed up for text messages received the following message:

Take a peak at the exclusive benefits of Titan Club membership on your mobile phone here: www.corinthian.mobi

Following the link brings up a page with the following text:

Welcome to the Corinthian Casino, Las Vegas's top destination resort for the traveler who appreciates both substance and style.

We hope that you'll take the time to visit us at our newly redesigned home on the web at:


And as a special bonus for mobile visitors like you, we'd like to extend an unprecedented invitation to take a virtual tour of Mr. Linderman's world-famous archive of antiquities and modern art.

To visit the archive, type the following URL into your web browser: www.corinthianlasvegas.com/vip_admittance.shtml

When prompted, enter "sword" as your password.

Following the link and entering sword as the password brings up a preview of the Linderman Archives, featuring photos of Takezo Kensei's sword and the tapestry of Kensei from the exhibit, as well as five of Isaacs Gemälde (four of them previously unseen).

The site consists only of the seven images. The various links and icons are all inactive. In the upper right corner, a security code (NH095-0198) is displayed.

Update 1

On March 16, 2007, players received the following message from the "Corinthian Casino":

Via Text Message:

Visit corinthianlasvegas.com and try your luck @ our online gaming site. Play well 2 gain access 2 our updated image gallery.

Via E-mail:

From: Corinthian Casino <no-reply@corinthiancasino.com>
Subject: New Archive Images

Mr. Linderman has released additional artwork to his online archive. But due to recent events, you will have to visit http://www.corinthianlasvegas.com and play the Corinthian Casino's FREE games to gain access to these new images. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope you will visit us the next time you are in Las Vegas.

Players who have previously joined the Titan Club will need to start from scratch. Achieving a balance somewhere between $350,000 and $400,000 will once again bring up the registration form. This time, completing the registration form will supply the password "Vietnam" and take the player directly to the archives log-in page.

Three new paintings by Isaac Mendez have been added to the archive. One of them is previously unseen. The new paintings are not dated.

Update 2

On March 26, 2007, players received the following email from the "Corinthian Casino":

From: Corinthian Casino <no-reply@corinthiancasino.com>
Subject: New Art

Mr. Linderman has chosen new art to share from his Archive collection. Play @ http://www.corinthianlasvegas.com to gain access or use your Titan Club member password.

Accessing the log-in page and using the current password ("Vietnam") reveals four new paintings in the archive, all of which have appeared in the episodes. All four paintings are still in Isaac's studio as of at least Godsend and one of them (the unfinished Sylar painting) no longer even exists in the form shown in the archive.

Update 3

On April 2, 2007, players received another message from the "Corinthian Casino":

Via Text Message:

Mr. Linderman has chosen more new art to share from his Archive collection. Play @ corinthianlasvegas.com to gain access or use your Titan Club member password.

Via E-mail:

From: Corinthian Casino <no-reply@corinthiancasino.com>
Subject: More New Art

Mr. Linderman has chosen more new art to share from his Archive collection. Play at http://www.corinthianlasvegas.com to gain access or use your Titan Club member password.

More of Isaacs Gemälde were added to the archives. This batch of six paintings all previously appeared in Distractions and Unexpected. Most are from the Isaac's Invisibility Series:

Update 4

On April 9, 2007, more of Isaacs Gemälde were added to the archives. Three new paintings, previously seen in the episodes, appeared:

Update 5

On April 23, five more of Isaacs Gemälde, all from the Isaac Dead Series, were added to the archives:

Update 6

On May 14, five more of Isaacs Gemälde were added to the archives:

Messages from Hana

October 1, 2007

On October 1, 2007, Hana Gitelman left clues on her blog which led to the corinthianlasvegas.com. The site was hacked and the following conversation was posted:

Micah and Hana IM at a casino.jpg

IM Micah Sanders / Hana Gitleman
4:31 PM

Micah: I want 2b Takezo Kensei when I grow up.
Hana: So u saw the documentary?
Micah: Yeah.
Hana: Cool, huh?
Micah: He's like a superhero, only historical. Next time I hav 2 do a report at school I kno who I'm doing it on.
Hana: I'm sure you'll get an 'A'.
Micah: U think he had special Kräfte too, don't you?
Hana: I think it's certainly a possibility.
Micah: I was trying to figure out how he could defeat a whole army by himself. Wonder what power he must have had..
Hana: And what about that other video?
Micah: Spooky.
Hana: Sorry, I'm not trying to give you nightmares.
Micah: Hard to beat the ones going on in my life.
Hana: Well I hope you don't find this place scary.
Micah: I like it.
Hana: It's like an abandoned building.
Micah: Our very own secret hideout.
Hana: We could decorate it if you want to.
Micah: Like cyber graffitti.
Hana: Exactly.
Micah: Count me in.
Hana: 4 now this will be our place to meet.
Micah: And get away.
Hana: Yep. And get away.

8. Oktober 2007

On October 8, 2007, Hana continued her conversation with Micah on the Gaming page of corinthianlasvegas.com:

Micah and Hana second IM.jpg

Hana: Losing a parent can be tough. You okay?
Micah: Not really.
Hana: I'm sorry. I know how you must feel.
Micah: Why does everybody say they kno how u feel when they clearly don't?
Hana: I lost my mom to a Selbstmord bomber when I was around your age.
Micah: I didn't know.
Hana: How would you?
Micah: I'll make sure to ask next time before jumping to conclusions.
Hana: It's okay. I just carried the pain for too many years and I don't want you to suffer like that.
Micah: Thanks for looking out for me.
Hana: That's what club mates are for.
Micah: Club mates?
Hana: Yeah, this is our clubhouse, right?
Micah: Oh, yeah.
Hana: You like it?
Micah: The decorations are coming along nicely. I like the personal touches AND that you can still play the games.
Hana: Thought you'd get a kick out of that.
Micah: I've added a few of my own. See if you can find them.
Hana: You're on. This is our place, might as well make it feel like home.
Micah: Where I'm going I won't have my own room.
Hana: Here we have our own building!
Micah: Now that my dad is gone I've been wanting to learn more about where he came from.
Hana: Feeling like shaking hands with the family tree?
Micah: Yeah, I think it's interesting that both my parents have Kräfte.
Hana: Maybe it's hereditary?
Micah: I think so. I bet you have a relative with abilities too!
Hana: I should look into that. Hey guess, what?
Micah: What?
Hana: They're demolishing the Casino next week. I'm going to tap into the video feed so you can see it from New Orleans. How's that sound?
Micah: That sounds awesome!
Hana: Great! I'll send you an e-mail with the time and date.
Micah: Already looking forward to it. Thanks, Hana.
Hana: My pleasure, Micah. Till then.

15. Oktober 2007

Fare thee well Corinthian.jpg

On October 15, 2007, Hana hacked into the main page of corinthianlasvegas.com with the message "I have something to show you!" Clicking on the message reveals a video depicting the destruction of the casino. (Hana also linked to the video from her website and through a text message.)

Following the video, another message from Hana appears asking, "What do you think?" Clicking on this message leads to a third chat with Micah.

Micah and Hana third IM.jpg

Micah: Wow. Never seen a building implode before. Or explode.
Hana: I guess that's a good thing.
Micah: Pretty cool though, huh?
Hana: Yup. I have to admit it's intriguing. And not just because it was Linderman's play palace.
Micah: That guy caused a lot of trouble for a lot of people.
Hana: Constantly manipulating and making people live by his rules. Now it's our turn.
Micah: We can make up our own rules.
Hana: We're taking over this place, Linderman's is now our playground. You like it over here?
Micah: Lots of rooms to explore. Hey, do you think they destroyed the casino for a reason?
Hana: You mean to get rid of evidence?
Micah: Yeah, maybe.
Hana: Once you destroy a place no one thinks to pick through the rubble.
Micah: Hmm. Makes me want to poke around.
Hana: You're a curious one, aren't you?
Micah: Everybody is always trying to hide information from me, I learned to get my own answers.
Hana: I wished I'd learned that at your age. I did look into my family history, though.
Micah: Any luck?
Hana: The usual family tree stuff, no powers that I can tell.
Micah: My mom said Linderman knew more about us than we knew about ourselves. Perhaps you should start there.
Hana: Here?
Micah: In the rubble. No one is looking.
Hana: Where to begin?
Micah: I'll poke around if you want.
Hana: Nosy.
Micah: I prefer curious. I'll let you know what I find.
Hana: Happy hunting.

22. Oktober 2007

Text and email messages from Hana point on October 22, 2007, point readers to a fourth chat between herself and Micah:

Micah: I did some digging around in the rubble like you suggested.
Hana: And?
Micah: I think I found some real important information regarding your family tree.
Hana: Really?
Micah: Yeah, click here to find more.

After Micah's link to Lindermans Archive, the conversation continues:

Hana: You wouldn't happen to know the code, would you?.
Micah: Twelfth.

After entering the password (the previous code "Vietnam" will also work), the conversation continues:

Hana: Thanks, I'm in.
Micah: Good.
Hana: Now what?
Micah: Last week you said you did some looking around, you didn't search very hard, did you?
Hana: Busted. I guess not.
Micah: Hey, it's your family tree.
Hana: I can see the net but I can't talk to machines like you. What to do next?
Micah: Enter "Gitelman family tree".

Searching for "Gitelman family tree" returns Hana's genealogy:

23. Oktober 2007

On October 23, 2007, Lindermans Archiv page with the Gitelman family tree was updated to include a small Post-It note which says, "Refer to RD monastery in manuscripts". Meanwhile, Micah leaves a message:

Still wondering who the question marks belong to? I just found out. Follow the note."

Clicking on the icon for "Manuscripts" and searching for "RD monastery" reveals a document:

One version of the translated text from the manuscript follows:

Monastery of the Cross

Our holy sanctuary, the Monastery of the Cross, is dedicated to defending the human right to survive. a basic right of every blessed son of the world. This document declares that Mr. Rueker, who was left orphaned in Germany and found surviving in the forest, has received refuge under our roof. Dr. Rueker is officially a son of Seville, and of our beloved Monastery of the Cross, but he was sent to Buenos Aires, Argentina for his safety. Eternal is the love and protection from us. He has not left me.


Note that NO8DO is the logo and motto of the "Ayuntamiento of Sevilla", the Seville City Council, and that it reads: NO-MADEJA-DO, pronounced "No me ha dejado", which translates to "He has not left me" (which is also the last line in the message).

24. Oktober 2007

On October 24, 2007, a new Post-It note was added, reading, "Refer to SA Diaspora in Contemporary Art". Clicking on the "Contemporary Art" icon and searching for "SA Diaspora" reveals a page with three drawings, each with a collection of Symbols:

Also, another Post-It note says, "still snooping".

25. Oktober 2007

Another Post-It note reads "Refer to 'Democratize Knowledge' in Contemporary Art". Clicking on the "Contemporary Art" icon and searching for "Democratize Knowledge" leads to a poster entitled "¡Libertad!" ("Liberty!") with a hand holding the book Nuestro Futuro (or, Our Future).

26. Oktober 2007

A new Post-It note reads "Refer to 'digifuture' in Asian". Clicking on the "Asian" icon and searching for "digifuture" leads to a map of Indien.

At the top of the map, "Democratize Survival!--1977" is written in red. Bhutan is circled, and there is a handwritten note pointing to china which reads, "Manufacturing--build infrastructure". Tape and arrows point out Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai, with a handwritten note pointing to all three which reads, "Knowledge workers--support education". Additionally, the map has a note which reads, "Himalayas are natural barrier for low frequency zone."

28. Oktober 2007

A new Post-It appeared on the "digifuture" page, with the writings:

All available additional information see:

Using these information, users can log into Richard Drucker's assignment file on primatechpaper.com.

Fantastic Four

Around the release of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer the ads on NBC.com were changed to say that "Las Vegas's best casino just got more "fantastic."", the site was updated with Fantastic Four cards and slots, and a link to a preview video was added to the Deluxe Rooms page.



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