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C4 Sprengstoff

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C4 Sprengstoff
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Austin plants explosives in Au Co for its destruction.

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Austin and Dallas use C4 explosives to destroy Au Co, Vietnam.


Comic:War Buddies, Part 4

Austin and Dallas watch Au Co, Vietnam, armed with C4 explosives from the Skyhawk. Dallas commands Austin to grab the explosives, of which they have enough to blow up half the village. Dallas feels confident that the munitions will get the villagers running, and the fires will take care of the rest. Dallas stands guard as Austin rigs up the C4. At 15:30, they detonate the explosives, destroying much of the village.


  • C4 explosives are plastic explosives used by the military for a variety of tasks, most notably for destroying a target.
  • The actual name of the explosive is "Composition C-4", though it is referred to in the graphic novels as "C4".


  • C4 burns slowly if ignited with a controlled flame. Because of this, soldiers in the Vietnamkrieg would sometimes use small amounts of it as fuel for heating their food rations.


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