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New York ist menschenleer.
Erste Erwähnung: The Line
Ort: New York, NY

In einer möglichen Zukunft, wurde die Stadt New York durch den Ausbruch des Shanti Virus verwüstet.



Peter und Caitlin erscheinen an einem menschenleeren Times Square. Die Stra0en sind voll von Abfall , als Peter Evakuationswarnung auf dem Boden findet, datiert auf den 14. Juni 2008. Im Hintergrund sind Werbetafeln von St. Joan zu sehen.


Peter and Caitlin walk through empty streets, as Peter shouts for someone. A truck pulls up, and a CDC Seuchenmannschaft climbs out, apprehending the two. Peter calls for Caitlin as they are taken away forcefully.

After being showered and forcefully split, a Heimatschutzbehörde agent, Howard Lemay, tells Peter that Caitlin will be deported back to Irland, and hands Peter his death certificate. Peter asks what is happening, and Howard shows him around the CDC Gebäude. He says that the Shanti Virus wiped out 93% of the world's population, and then shows him a room filled with body bags.

Howard takes Peter to see Angela, where they embrace. Peter asks who she is, and she tells Peter that she is there to help him remember who he is. She explains that he knows about his power, and says that his brother died in the first outbreak. Angela requests for him to return back into the past and change the future. Peter delves into his mother's memory, and remembers who she is. They hug again.

As Angela leads Peter to their home, Caitlin calls for Peter in a deportation line. They try to grab ahold of each other, but Caitlin is dragged away before Peter can get to her. Suddenly, he disappears from the future.


Howard Lemay takes his wife and son to Youngstown in order to escape the Shanti Virus which has all but deserted New York City. On the way, the Lemays pick up Dylan, who is paranoid and frightened of dying. The four head to a Youngstown High School. As Howard radios Atlanta for help, his family is locked in the high school and accidentally infected with the virus; Howard is forced to abandon his condemned family.

Im Bund mit dem Bösen

Peter travels to the future and sees himself and Caitlin being taken away, as he had experienced before. He grabs an evacuation notice before returning to the present.


"Peter, how did we--"

"I don't know. We're in New York."

"Where is everyone?... It's an evacuation order."

"June 14, 2008. This is next year."

- Caitlin, Peter (The Line)

"On March 20th, 2007, the first case was reported. After that, the Shanti Virus spread across the globe. Pandemic. It's killed 93% of the world's population to date."

- Howard Lemay, Peter (Out of Time)

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